Title IX

Step 1:

Identify the school officials in charge of Title IX at your school. Examples include the Title IX coordinator, the principal, or the superintendent. 


Step 2: 

Request a meeting with the school official to talk about the new rules. 


Step 3: 

Do your research. Some good sources include: 


Step 4: 

At the meeting, ask the school official to clarify your school’s stance on DeVos’ rule changes. Here are some questions you can ask. 


Step 5: 

If your school is maintaining previous Title IX proceedings, give them suggestions on what they can do to improve. This is a good basic outline. 


Step 6: 

If your school refuses to comply, it’s time to write a petition. This is a good basic outline from KnowYourIX. Read more on how to start organizing on your campus. 


Step 7: 

Build your team and gather signatures by using social media. Reach out to current students, staff, parents, and alumni. 


Step 8: 

After you’ve collected your signatures, email the petition to your school official.


Step 9: 

If they refuse to comply again, it’s time to elevate. Unfortunately, there is only so much that Dear Asian Youth can do to help. However, there are other organizations that specialize in protecting your rights.