i am only seventeen: five yesterday  twenty-three  tomorrow seventeen today  fueled by childish dreams  i  knew more as a baby: more sure of my place… Read More »Seventeen


before i can remember the laughter  and the sound of my friend calling my name and grabbing my hand  and pulling me towards the music … Read More »before/now


The living room is the same.  The floor is messy.  Cotton and dust still spilling and spilling and spilling and spilling onto a burgundy rug. … Read More »aftermath


“I’m leaving.”  That was the last thought I had. I was sick. I was tired. I was exhausted from feeling unwelcome in a place where… Read More »leaving


Step one: find different papers of all different sizes. Step two: cut them, rip them however you like. Step three: get glue, and start working.… Read More »Collage