Racial Equity

Addressing our need for anti-racism, diversity in the Asian community, and accurate and holistic BIPOC representation.

A Time to Stand Together for Asian Americans

At 2 in the morning on Saturday, March 27, I sat at the dining table with my mom, craft supplies scattered all around us.

An anti-hate rally was scheduled for later in the morning and we still had dozens of signs left to make. Besides the scratch of permanent markers on cardboard, we worked in silence. I watched her tired but determined face as she finished one poster and pulled out another, printing clearly a message in dark blue sharpie.

“We Are Not Your Model Minority,” the message read.

The American Narrative and Minari

What defines something as American? Is it the people? Is it the language? Is it the food? Or culture? The word “America” can conjure up different ideas for different people.