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The School to Prison Pipeline: A Road to Deportation for Asian Refugees

Back in 1979, Phal Sok and his family were one of the many refugees who were resettled in the U.S. following the Khmer Rouge. Sok and his family struggled to make ends meet, his mother leaving when he was just two years old and his father permanently injured from being beaten in a labor camp. For Sok, school was not a place where he could seek help and shelter from the community’s violence, but rather a place of shame and bullying.

Taxes for Undocumented Immigrants

Immigrants have always been labeled as “other.” In a court of law, they are still called “aliens,” a dehumanizing term that once again separates immigrants from the rest of society. For far too long, immigrants — especially undocumented immigrants — have been considered dangerous, lazy individuals exploiting hardworking Americans to get by. This stereotype may be partially because of the belief that undocumented immigrants do not pay taxes, but this could not be further from the truth.