There is a Flaw in Our System

Top Piece:
Our culture has normalized viewing consent as anything but a clear “no,” when in reality, consent is ONLY a clear “yes.

Bottom Piece:
The scale shows what’s been normalized in our society, and the words “There is a Flaw in our System” refers to the issue of constantly ignoring consent and sexual assault.

I am, YOU are, WE are, the Change

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I’m a South Indian girl who enjoys drinking exceptional coffee and making mediocre art. My hobbies include but are not limited to finding really aesthetic Pinterest posts and listening to all the Lo-Fi music available on Spotify.

Self Care & My Culture

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My work is meant to highlight the importance of speaking up, lifting up the voices of underserved communities, and to take care of yourself so that you can come back stronger.

Sapphire Izzy

This piece was created in order to express the surreal feeling of being lost about my Asian American identity, even though the traditions are second nature to me, hence the realistic clothing.

Look At You, Strawberry Blonde

This piece was created in honor of my take on the song “Strawberry Blonde” by Mitski. Many interpret the piece as a song about yearning, most traditionally for love- my interpretation follows with that line of reasoning.