Kaitlyn Fa


isn’t it curious

how desperately we try to leave ourselves behind

our lives are nothing but filling up vessels

hoping that something (someone) can contain us completely

and us, the source,

flowing until our very last breath


looking at their hands

pressing at their callouses

digging into their skin

praying they’ll be gentle with you

and that these hands will show mercy

these hands won’t hurt you

looking at their hands

tracing their lines

telling a story

looking into their past

and trying to figure what came before you

these hands are still unfamiliar to you

We Forget

what have i remembered?

in my seventeen years of life

many things, surely

walking on dirt roads in a summer haze

with the people i love

the split second of fear

that crosses my heart

before i enter a stage

the triumph that radiates through me

when i finish my performance

the sweetness of my ice cream after dinner

the gripping frustration

that comes with lates nights spent over essays, homework, testing

the warmth of falling asleep

after laughing, smiling, and dancing

until blisters lined my feet

both the good

and the bad