Justine Torres

Clay: In Honor of AAPI Month

Although childhood is a unique experience for every individual, some memories are universal: the crunch of buttered popcorn from the movie theater; the cold, wet splash of a water balloon on a hot summer day; Play-Doh and its musky vanilla scent as it clings to your fingertips. As a kid, I was well-acquainted with this last sensation. I often spent my younger days sculpting Play-Doh, shaping the colored substance into any design I wanted. The possibilities were endless. Although each yellow plastic container was a point of contention for my mother—who would inevitably spend the next hour furiously scrubbing the hardened remnants off of our carpet—I welcomed Play-Doh into my life with open arms. I was the potter, and the clay was at my disposal.

Above the Waves: Discussing Mental Health

TW// drowning

You’re drowning.

Mere minutes ago, you had been happily floating in the ocean, your back to the depths below. With the warmth from the sun caressing your suspended limbs, you had been at peace. Yet this bliss hadn’t lasted long; it was only the calm before the storm. Out of nowhere, you had felt yourself being pulled farther from the shore by a force far outmatching your own strength. You had opened your eyes, just in time for a colossal wave to strike you beneath the shallows.