Billy Agustin

I Do Not Yet Know What it Means to be a Woman

They say some girls never grow out of their awkward frames,

walking around in bodies that still haven’t yet filled,

that they thread their hands in and out of each other

until there is nothing left to unwind and wind up

They say some girls never stop looking down because cracked pavement and playground rhymes is all they know,

and who would they be without it?

How could they even begin?

The Ratatouille Paradigm

“What? But like, what do you mean by that?”
Sam tosses me a quizzical expression- cocked brow, unrefined grimace, and eyes searching for answers.

Look At You, Strawberry Blonde

This piece was created in honor of my take on the song “Strawberry Blonde” by Mitski. Many interpret the piece as a song about yearning, most traditionally for love- my interpretation follows with that line of reasoning.