Allison Li

The New Colors Embracing the White House

Yes. Let’s talk about it. The monochrome moment at Biden’s inauguration from the respective ladies. First, Vice President Kamala Harris. Harris wore a beautiful purple dress, a nod to Shirley Chisholm who ran for president in 1972, and Harris’s sorority sisters, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Next, former first lady, Michelle Obama, was decked head to toe in a plum-burgundy turtleneck sweater, bootcut pants, and a structured coat, finishing it off with one of Sergio Hudson’s handmade leather belts. Finally, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden dawned a blue wool-tweed dress with a Swarovski pearl neckline and a chiffon skirt, paired with a complementary blue mask. Later that night, during the inaugural ball, she wore a cashmere coat embroidered with flowers representing every state and territory, which also featured a quote from Benjamin Franklin “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn”, all designed by Gabriela Hearst.

A Period is Not a Luxury

Dear Asian Youth,
On November 24th, USA Today published an article detailing the Scottish parliament’s unanimous decision to pass the Period Products (Free Provision) Bill. This means that there is “a legal obligation for the government to ensure sanitary products are free and accessible for all who menstruate, including tampons and pads in public facilities nationwide”. It is thought that the bill would cost around $32 million and be a counteraction to “period poverty”- a phenomenon describing the ostracization of those who menstruate from many aspects of life, including cultural shaming to inaccessibility issues.