What We Do

Dear Asian Youth,

We are a group of Asian youths striving to uplift marginalized communities through education, activism, and celebration. 

Dear Asian Youth was founded in May of 2020 by Stephanie Hu, a 16-year-old who wished to create a platform to publish her poetry. It evolved into a blog dedicated to the Asian narrative, then a literary magazine, then a full-fledged organization with over 100 members on the national team. Functioning remotely, the organization today is the result of passionate volunteers with a shared purpose.

What We Do

Social Media Team

The social media team is dedicated to using art, literature, and research to create and curate stunning content to accurately represent and educate Asian youth worldwide. We aim to diversify the Asian narrative through visual, auditory, and educational content; embody a space of free expression, acceptance, and support through inclusion and curation; speak on issues that are prevalent in an Asian-American and global perspective; and be an interactive hub with our audience to create distinct connections.

Projects Team

The Projects Team strives to engage our audience in conversations on societal issues and strengthen the bond of the pan-Asian community. We create opportunities for Asian youth to connect with one another and the leaders in our community to increase civic engagement in marginalized communities. These interactions take the form of webinars, panels, campaigns, toolkits, and other fun virtual events. We hope to spread positivity and acceptance and provide a platform for our international audience to share their experiences.

Literature Team

The literature team is dedicated to providing an educational and inclusive platform to spread the unique voices of Asian youth. Through the publication of articles, prose, poetry, art, and music, we aim to diversify the Asian narrative and bring newfound awareness to issues of global significance. We hope to use writing and visuals to shed light on underrepresented communities and foster empathy, solidarity, and allyship both within and beyond the Asian community.


The Dear Asian Youth Chapter Program is the extension of Dear Asian Youth empowering young leaders in their schools and communities to celebrate Asian youth through discussion, collaboration, and action. While creating an international network of dedicated youth, the Chapter Committee strives to support young leaders in making a significant impact and in creating local change, equipping DAY chapters with the proper tools and resources to do so. Our goal with the DAY Chapter Program is to provide local changemakers with the skills and power to influence and affect the world around them.

Podcast Team

Dear Asian Girl is a podcast that spotlights the personal stories of Asian women from all walks of life to bring an intersectional and relatable point of view. With the lack of representation of Asian girls in the media, it is important that we as Asian girls support one another. Focusing on uplifting, highlighting, and supporting Asian girls everywhere, Dear Asian Girl prides itself on tackling important topics with a relatable and humorous twist.

Diversity and Inclusion Task Force

The Diversity and Inclusion Task Force is dedicated to ensuring and promoting diversity, inclusion, and intersectionality in DAY’s content and initiatives to create an inclusive environment that accurately represents Asian communities. We aim to promote intersectionality at DAY and within DAY content through town halls, diversity plans, vetting of DAY-associated content, and holistic recruitment and retainment processes. It is within our mission to create a safe space for all members of the Asian community, educate about topics that are not always discussed, and ensure that we are centering marginalized voices in our activism.