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Dear Asian Youth is a youth-led, global organization that promotes intersectional activism, solidarity with other marginalized communities, and equality and equity. Through our digital platform, grassroots organizing, and community-based advocacy, we strive to showcase diversity in the Asian community as well as accurate and holistic representation.

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Blinded Eyes
28 November 2021
A Fujifilm photo of my sister and I  lives on a bookshelf in our parents’ room when...
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Is Plastic Surgery Truly Feminist?
12 November 2021
When I think of plastic surgery, I imagine a paper woman. She has cut-out lines under her eyes,...
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"14-Year-Old Girls": The Misogyny of Gendering Hobbies
12 November 2021
How I slowly grew out of shaming my hobbies, and why we shame girls for having hobbies. “You’re...
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Wrought with Gold
11 October 2021
Listen, dear readers, there once was a story, Filled with magic and marvels and whimsy and...
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